Ranking People's Intelligence
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  • YAX.racing

    IQ is based on age as well. So that's why the Phd was lowest, bc they were also the oldest by a relatively large margin

    • YAX.racing

      IQ = 100 * Mental Age divided by Actual Age, so her mental age might be much larger

  • otoly 55
    otoly 55

    do an iq test

  • A Mil
    A Mil

    What kind of iq test is this? People with over 110 iq are considered "gifted", apparently some of these people are straight up genius? I guess it's alright when comparing just these people to each other with an arbitrary number but I don't think the actual numbers are correct.

  • Nick Moll
    Nick Moll

    do a iq test

  • Dwight Manne
    Dwight Manne

    A 94 on the military test is super hard to get. It means you're in the top 6% of people in the military.

    • Dwight Manne
      Dwight Manne

      @You Are Getting Trolled I'm reading your name and refusing the bait

    • You Are Getting Trolled
      You Are Getting Trolled

      Yes but also that wouldn't be as difficult as say getting an iq of top 6% because the average iq of a soldier is lower than the average iq of the general population since it isn't the kind of thing that generally interests people with high iq's, military average is apparently closer to 96.

  • Digital Karma
    Digital Karma

    Wow their all really smart though. An average person has an iq of 100 amd einstein had an iq of 150 so no one there should feel bad about the score. Even the last place person is pretty significantly above average.

  • JackN 15
    JackN 15

    The soldier talks a lot like Eugene in TWD yk

  • Light Vert
    Light Vert

    We want a sidemen iq test on more sidemen

  • F Off
    F Off

    I wanna see all sidemens iq

  • Levi Pencile
    Levi Pencile

    Jubilee didn't like thar girl thats why she got placed 4th 😂😂

  • Lanonexa

    Iq test is your logical thinking but eq is Basically your social skills

  • Manager Charlos
    Manager Charlos

    Do a sidemen iq test

  • Alex

    Simon: “im talking just about iq, not intelligence” Iq: stands for *intelligence* quotient

    • Sec Coder
      Sec Coder

      yeah but not a 20 question online one XD

  • Dani Ortan
    Dani Ortan

    Do a iq video

  • Tecno 12
    Tecno 12

    Being smart and being intelligent are two different things. A PhD proves that you are smart, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you are intelligent and have a high IQ. IQ tests tend to be based around pattern recognition, quick thinking and problem solving rather than knowledge-based questioning.

    • Tecno 12
      Tecno 12

      @You Are Getting Trolled IK that, my mother has a PhD. IQ makes learning easier, however, u can still learn with low IQ, it's just more difficult. The average IQ of someone with a PhD in math is 130.

    • You Are Getting Trolled
      You Are Getting Trolled

      Depends what subject, good luck doing a PhD in maths, cs or physics without also being intelligent. Also PhD's aren't knowledge based questioning you don't even have exams...


    Do a real IQ test

  • Ebony Stephenson
    Ebony Stephenson

    I did one and I’m in year 9 and I got 120 😂

  • Duck

    Id gladly put myself as the stupidest in every room I enter

  • Charlie

    no one is talking about the clickbait

  • Tamzid Hossain
    Tamzid Hossain


  • Estiral

    do an iq test and see if u can beat my iq of 143

  • Elite Gamer
    Elite Gamer

    People with average IQ can get a bachelors degree fairly easily. If she had a PhD then that’s a different story. Average IQ of people with PhDs is around 130 Edit: just saw the results.....well then.

    • You Are Getting Trolled
      You Are Getting Trolled

      That average is being raised unfairly by the STEM guys, like if you isolated it to be just a physics students iq it would be higher still.

  • Random Gamer546
    Random Gamer546

    Is it bad that I'm 14 and got 139 on an iq test?

  • Theron Trickshots
    Theron Trickshots

    IQ tests are completely out of whack! I'm 13 and I scored 140! It's sooooooooo far off

  • William Heather
    William Heather

    Do this with the sidemen and get fans to guess on poll and then order you based on that. Then order yourself based on your opinions. Then get iq test results

  • Eleanor Carling
    Eleanor Carling

    I’m 13 and my iq is 132

  • Stam account
    Stam account

    Do it

  • Krazy Werewolf
    Krazy Werewolf

    Yes! I want you to do an iq test plz

  • saib adam
    saib adam

    Just because she said "I dont place a lot of value on the military" , i placed her in last place. And if you think about her attitude, she is not doing a very good job representing yale especially when there is a harvard student in the room.😂😂

  • amaru vargas
    amaru vargas

    Americans rating each others intelligence is a disaster

  • Ace Marshals
    Ace Marshals

    Lol that's the most bullshit iq test I've ever seen

  • Ookashay

    Seeing those twats get humbled by tyler made my day😂

  • VynxZ -_-
    VynxZ -_-

    I just took an iq test and my iq was higher than 6 and 5 it was 124..............I’m 13

  • Gamertag 3609
    Gamertag 3609

    When cal and Simon have the same video!

  • bear bangerz
    bear bangerz

    Streamer life??

  • E Kennedy
    E Kennedy

    Big Up Taylor

  • Florida boyy25
    Florida boyy25


  • Frek

    imagine telling a man whos probably had someone beside him killed in a gunfight that anyone can do their job. Officers, Firemen and soldiers have nerves of steel guys

  • Andrew Edwards
    Andrew Edwards

    Simon: *puts Sean at #6* Also Simon: "me and Sean, like this" 🤞

  • Abeda Rahman
    Abeda Rahman

    ksi is 0 iq

  • shikai ng
    shikai ng

    i doubt iq test work accurately because i got 142

  • RG1402

    i just want an 40 min stream life simulator


    By the way nice thumbnail 👍

  • Jayden Osullivan
    Jayden Osullivan

    sidemen do iq test?


    Iq test if jj had the lowest he has to wear a jake paul shirt for a week

  • Kornelius

    Solid IQ is the accumulated knowledge catalogued and put to use, fluid IQ is the rate at which you learn something. None of these people are likely to have a high understanding of botany, doesn't mean they can't learn it, but some of them will learn quicker than the others, and some will use previous knowledge to their advantage a.k.a wisdom.. back to eating bye.

  • Anri Delon
    Anri Delon

    Do real paid IQ test

  • Aislin Spencer
    Aislin Spencer

    Yes Simon! You’re hella smart, especially in the escape rooms videos. Surely you have a high IQ

  • Wick Van ierssel
    Wick Van ierssel

    Sidemen sunday idea?

  • JediGamerWinston

    IQ is knowledge and thinking/reaction time and it's based on your age.

  • Jamie

    Great video Simon! Keep up the good work.

  • Tommy Rowland
    Tommy Rowland

    IQ tests are more on patterns and sequences so it really doesn’t factor in everyday life

    • Darth Nihilus
      Darth Nihilus

      yh. A common sense IQ test would actually reveal people's knowledge

  • Max Riley-Fox
    Max Riley-Fox

    do a real IQ test

  • Szymon Gooras
    Szymon Gooras

    Do IQ test mate 😉

  • Jordon Barnes
    Jordon Barnes

    do a real iq test

  • safi hazzan
    safi hazzan

    9:22 iQ = intelligence quotient

  • elian paredes
    elian paredes

    Do a real IQ TEST big dawg

  • Schooie

    sean looks like a more fruity version of markiplier

  • Thabang Mokoena
    Thabang Mokoena

    How would they put the marine man at the bottom... that’s plain stupid

  • Thabang Mokoena
    Thabang Mokoena

    “You’re not gonna really get better at learning”... damn

    • Sec Coder
      Sec Coder

      this is actually a highly debatable topic weather you can become more intelligent with time or not but learning is a skill you pick it up with time

  • Sloan Schwarzenegger
    Sloan Schwarzenegger

    UofSC they say is the Harvard of the south 😂

  • Geo Bro
    Geo Bro

    Deji would blow these guys out the water. He’s got an IQ of one eight nine

  • KR723 KiT
    KR723 KiT

    like my comment if you don't like sada cuz shes sounds straight up annoying

  • Love Trolling
    Love Trolling


  • Arnav Jha
    Arnav Jha

    Anyone who’s studied anything about IQ test and who’ve studied testing knows IQ tests are inaccurate and don’t say anything about anyone, the logic of iq tests is so bad is that when you grow up your iq increased but at a point it starts to decrease, and it only measures certain subjects not other forms of intelligence

  • Kamikaze

    The military dude and the yale girl having the same iq score makes me so happy

    • FaizK

      and she put him last 😂

  • AlienHunterification

    Even 6th is 12 points over average

  • Ethan Roberts
    Ethan Roberts

    do an IQ test to see where you would fit between all of those people

  • OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria
    OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria

    Simon is amazing, i love how he is replying to his fans. I don't see that from many youtubers and it makes me sad

  • OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria
    OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria


  • Muhammad Mahdin
    Muhammad Mahdin

    I don't like the girl from Yale Uni at all.

  • ali abdulla
    ali abdulla


  • Chelsea Wardle
    Chelsea Wardle

    Do an iq test

  • lucy m
    lucy m

    Can the sidemen recreate this it would be so funny

  • Lucas olsen
    Lucas olsen

    IQ only a small part of the over-all intelligence. Social skills, being able to talk to people being emotionally involved are all parts of the EQ-scale which is almost the direct opposite of IQ

  • oliver rites
    oliver rites

    It was funny when the yale lady who said the military guy would be last , is placed with the same rank as him 😂😂😂 I bet she was furious 😂 but yeah over all there's no way to determine intelligence given all factors

  • Sagarock

    I dare you to do an iq test

  • CricketNR

    7:33 Well Sean was the dumbest...

  • meme_ bye
    meme_ bye

    I’m test

  • gritty teeth
    gritty teeth

    Hey minter, you can’t rate intelligence.

  • CricketNR

    Simon: I’d be very good at words...

  • Joseph

    already watched xqc react to this

  • Adrian H
    Adrian H

    iq tests just show how good youre at taking iq tests. cus no way a cancer researcher is barley above average intelligence

  • Wolf

    When's the Sidemen doing this then? JJ's gonna be bottom for sure

  • ThreeJay H03
    ThreeJay H03

    Really iq test minter 💪🏾

  • Muhammad Talaty
    Muhammad Talaty

    Do iq test

  • R1SK Ez
    R1SK Ez

    I knew it was going to be streamer simulator

  • JSmellerM

    An IQ test isn't trivia it's logical thinking and stuff like that. General Knowledge can be learned intelligence is genetic.

  • Jordan

    Iq: Intelligence quotient Simon: IQ doesn’t measure intelligence 👁 👄 👁

  • Fu Sat
    Fu Sat

    do an iq test on more sidemen!!!!

  • Abdul Hadi
    Abdul Hadi

    Since when does simon write back👀👀

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson

    If you’ve ever listened to Simons diss track you’ll realise how intelligent he is

  • Rune Hartig
    Rune Hartig

    Do a IQ test

  • Roy Long
    Roy Long

    Okay the fact that all of them had such high iqs regardless

  • DropZ_FN

    Simon, IQ is about problem solving, how fast can you solve this problem. Now you can be better at engenering so if a engien on your car stops, you will be faster att figuring out what happend and why faster then someone who is a human calculator. EQ is kinda the same but it's about emotions, im not really known to that part of EQ. But im for sure that they are two diffrent parts. They are not the same so you can't really compare them.

  • Jeffrey Nolasco
    Jeffrey Nolasco

    I am in the military but I've met some of the most intelligent people ever being in the military.

  • Jens Olsen
    Jens Olsen

    we all know he would put jj as the dumbest sidemen

  • Jiyuun Huli-jing
    Jiyuun Huli-jing

    i really dont like that Army guy, hes so full of himself

  • Matthew Dale
    Matthew Dale

    You need to do this for a MoreSidemen video

  • Joel

    Do a test

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