PRIME THIERRY HENRY! (The Henry Theory #70) (FIFA Ultimate Team)
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  • Kareem Ahmad
    Kareem Ahmad

    imagine he clicked buy now on henry then it said this listing has expired. :) :)

  • .danielle

    The games absolutely ridiculous... can’t wait for fifa 22 to see whether they actually put some effort into it this year.

  • Dayt4l

    The Goat Henry

  • Angus Inglis
    Angus Inglis

    It’s just to painful to watch never mind play

  • Om Fahed
    Om Fahed

    Good video ❤️❤️❤️

  • TheGatnep

    soooo...... whos gonna tell him about scripting

  • Támar McNally
    Támar McNally

    Simon: "I'm gonna just score more goals than you, that's all I can do". Yes Simon that is how football works

  • Hagis 0
    Hagis 0

    Swap kante and neymar and get an1 who gets chem lb

  • sneaker sunday
    sneaker sunday

    You leave it way too late to shoot he has finesse shot I have his prime and it’s ridiculous if u use it right

  • Aman R.
    Aman R.

    I am convinced that ea sports pick and chooses who they want to win

  • Aman R.
    Aman R.

    Why doesn’t Simon sell his previous Henry’s

  • Harvey wtf
    Harvey wtf

    im not the only one who sings the intro right?

  • Joshua Scott Davies
    Joshua Scott Davies

    Do a fut birthday upgrade

  • Ryan Thompson
    Ryan Thompson

    Ea r a lazy company


    dont give away bamford plsssss

  • TL9ninjaJR

    miniminter says fifa is bad then why is he playing it and spending lots of money on it

  • Dexter

    the title should be “watch miniminter complain for 17:04 minutes”

  • Mouhannad Alaatal
    Mouhannad Alaatal

    My brother packed Henry 94 prime moments

  • Omar Saleh
    Omar Saleh

    With the right stick Simon, down twice then up

  • Dylan Cudjoe
    Dylan Cudjoe

    it’s funny that he complains the most about ferdinand but keeps him on the team😂😂😂

  • Simun Rojc
    Simun Rojc

    I love when did the golum from Hobbit😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Banana Smoothie Brawl Stars
    Banana Smoothie Brawl Stars

    its funny how this series went from henry theory to everyone but henry theory

  • _ig_RyanG00dr1ch 06
    _ig_RyanG00dr1ch 06

    Chuck it or scran it on Bamford I say scran it

    • _ig_RyanG00dr1ch 06
      _ig_RyanG00dr1ch 06

      Keep him

  • Billy Curwood
    Billy Curwood

    Why did you convert Henry to a cm and not put Zidanne cm? 😂


    8:14 henry jut nutmeg the player . insane

  • Mahdi16

    Looks like you have to drip ferdinand

  • Vihaan Sanmukhiya
    Vihaan Sanmukhiya

    Like bro you just run straight on the player

  • Vihaan Sanmukhiya
    Vihaan Sanmukhiya

    Does he know that holding L2 helps to defend

  • Alfie Games
    Alfie Games

    Being beat 6-3 is not the worst my prime canovaro past the ball into my own goal when I tried to pass to my goaly

  • RedBloom 13
    RedBloom 13


  • max

    That penalty is the perfect representation of this game

  • Dean Reilly
    Dean Reilly

    Don’t play champs watch this video and it will explain it

  • Mitchell

    This gameplay is just the worst

  • Ramzy Tarek
    Ramzy Tarek

    Sell the old Henry card

  • Abdul Rahman Anjum
    Abdul Rahman Anjum

    For left mid Simon should try to get fut birthday sterling

  • Sad cat
    Sad cat

    Simon should play fifa mobile

  • Shooey 505
    Shooey 505

    Every day I’m more and more grateful I didn’t get fifa 21 😅

  • JF09 GAMEZ
    JF09 GAMEZ

    I just opened my fut birthday party bag and got 82 Sanson I want to kms

  • Ankush Patel
    Ankush Patel

    Simon just an FYI. For the squad battle icon sbcs. Use an Argentinian silver team and a Brazilian ucl team You'll do the objectives in 12 matches instead of 24.

  • James Jackson
    James Jackson

    Get rid of toty neur never seen suck a terrible goalkeeper should put van Der sar there

  • Jameel Daya
    Jameel Daya

    Yep I've just seen wat just happen 5:26, where ur player was running after the ball and then he randomly slows down then daglish gets it. Yeh that's called scripted gameplay. I barely play fifa now coz it's so bad.

  • László Banka
    László Banka

    Always singing the intro!

  • James Blake - Dyke
    James Blake - Dyke

    REUS SBC! or pogba LM version

  • Zac Cullen
    Zac Cullen

    Dalglish is the goat

  • Iindaleko

    I wanna see that moments Henry

  • Dominik Jarka
    Dominik Jarka

    U will get more chem if you change Neymar and Kante

  • Some Jokeman
    Some Jokeman

    Simon you should try 352 as it is meta at defends like a 5 back and attack with 5 forwards

  • N.o B
    N.o B

    Can confirm that is a crime of a card that doesn’t represent his prime at all, it’s really unfair to him!

  • Leonardo Naked
    Leonardo Naked

    Do henry from the squad foundations EFL. he strong links ferdinand

  • Jack_l_2008

    Can your fifa 21 series be called beckhams best based on beckham or Pele’s power

  • Leseli Mohlokaqala
    Leseli Mohlokaqala

    I love this series

  • Noah Sturgess
    Noah Sturgess

    Squad battles and champs 😂😂😂😂

  • Billnye28_:

    Next fifa for a series you should redo the very best

  • Christian W
    Christian W

    Who else thinks the fifa 22 series should be the ronaldinho realm

  • George Dudman
    George Dudman

    BTW do mandanda because to get him u need 11 GKs and it was jokes to do personally myself and it will reflect in the content IMO

  • daniel hardy
    daniel hardy

    Love the series 🙏

  • malek


  • Ben Hasler
    Ben Hasler

    Simon is going for prime Henry will Theo’s already got moments Eto’o 😂

  • Renere Svendborg
    Renere Svendborg

    13:46 that pen is outside the box. hahaha that is pretty funny

  • Kevin Robles
    Kevin Robles

    A little help with the icon swamps for anyone who needs it you could do the brazilian and ucl together and Argentinian and silver together as well

  • Punctual

    Henry is the coaches son in this episode💔😂

  • Martin Pattinson
    Martin Pattinson

    Man so many people complain about fifa gameplay, to shove thousands into it to get a better team and still suck. People don’t even buy fifa and just open packs, to give EA more money. Don’t expect a better game when people do this and others watch people do this. Why would they make a game better if they can make the same money with minimal effort?

  • Connor Dewar
    Connor Dewar

    Yo Simon there's a new lord of the rings game coming out where you play as gollum, that would be a sick idea for you (cause you can do his voice), would be jokes

  • unKNOWN

    Can you upload streamer simulator videos daily pls

  • gryphon2099

    r u gonna do a vid as the new dbd killer the trickster

  • Saif Alnuaimi
    Saif Alnuaimi


  • Winston Romeo
    Winston Romeo

    Come like Thierry Henry

  • Ryan K
    Ryan K

    I love this series

  • idk who
    idk who

    Get tabsoba

  • Amjad Alsabbagh
    Amjad Alsabbagh

    Me watching this video I feel you

  • futfades

    Simon’s pack luck is underrated.

  • Aum Jasani
    Aum Jasani

    Do an episode with Bielsa tactics of continuous press

  • ImortaL么Jermz

    How the heck does simon have FB Inaki William in his reserves. 3:20. I thought you were supposed to show every good player you packed OR did you BUY him??

  • SunsOCE

    Y does this game hate u so much

  • Thabang snethemba
    Thabang snethemba

    Best series on RSloft

  • Fibenachi Sequence
    Fibenachi Sequence

    That last game was the definition of scripting

  • Oliver Tucker
    Oliver Tucker

    Prime henry is so good btw I have him

  • Man LikeMertzy
    Man LikeMertzy

    Happy that im here before people complaining about Henry

  • harveyyoung 11
    harveyyoung 11

    replace your keeper

  • The Mandem
    The Mandem

    13:59 foul off the pitch 😂

  • ary karu
    ary karu

    mr miniminter i am here yet again to request you to do some more fall guys

  • Jayceon Skills 8
    Jayceon Skills 8

    Play fifa carrer mode player ,don’t choose a real player, choose to create yourself

  • Wiizo

    How does Simon still use gold mendy when there are so many better left backs

  • Jayceon Skills 8
    Jayceon Skills 8

    Don’t play it

  • Jayceon Skills 8
    Jayceon Skills 8

    Can you play Olympic 2021

  • Paul Ewald
    Paul Ewald

    Play Günter at lb and Change Boateng with rio

  • Pratyush Partha
    Pratyush Partha

    Bring Theo on as a guest

  • Aaron Bloom
    Aaron Bloom

    Swap boateng and Rio then play gunter over sikgraven so ur lb is on full chem

  • Aaron Bloom
    Aaron Bloom

    If you did Wendell than you could swap neymar to the other side and play Wendell to get a Brazil link

  • Louie Fitzsimmons
    Louie Fitzsimmons

    Simon gassed about walkout inform from gold 26 me getting mbappe from It

  • k mcq
    k mcq

    just get rid of bamford

  • Hugo Lavin
    Hugo Lavin

    Simon idk about everyone else but I personally love the when you play fut champs

  • Kai W-Hardy
    Kai W-Hardy

    The ahead grill literally pour because rhythm intringuingly search except a overrated humidity. quack, imperfect aluminum

  • Gustav Sandahl
    Gustav Sandahl

    Isnt it Alexandre Lacazette in your intro??

  • RudolfMaster

    play 4--4-2 so henry and cr7 can fit in attack

  • Zach Christodoulou
    Zach Christodoulou

    You should do the potm mbappe play him LM he’s op

  • Antonis Kavalaris
    Antonis Kavalaris

    Change your kit.Make it the french kit

  • Ben Trainor
    Ben Trainor

    Change kante and Henry around, that way you can get sinkgraven in full chem

  • Kyle Crozier
    Kyle Crozier

    Simon - imma just score more goals than him, it’s all I can do. Me - that’s the point?

  • Atharva Joshi
    Atharva Joshi

    Whats the background music he used at the start??

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