2nd Channel for any games you want me to play!!

  • Ollie Anthony
    Ollie Anthony

    Will the king reply !!!!!

  • Denim Robinet
    Denim Robinet

    Simon doing "sheeeeeesss" 2 years ago

  • OwO

    Nice house u got there mate

  • king hooper01
    king hooper01

    What is the game called

  • xasjnxajxn sajkxajsnx
    xasjnxajxn sajkxajsnx

    You know you can put the miners in the old house ???

  • Xlingardxrashfordx Iingard_rashford
    Xlingardxrashfordx Iingard_rashford

    What is this game

  • Arion infinite
    Arion infinite

    not even 2% as entertaining as sidemen clubs

  • Thomas Lynge
    Thomas Lynge

    Make a bitcoin mining house

  • Matt Rochon
    Matt Rochon

    That phone one would have been so much funnier had the bullet been stopped by a nokia

  • HarvMarks4

    Is anyone genuinely expecting anybody else to win this other than Niko? I’m sure all the other players already know that too

  • Jiayi Ji
    Jiayi Ji

    Get a girlfriend lad

  • Daanish Aidan P. W.
    Daanish Aidan P. W.

    Now it make sense why he's not uploading for 3 days

  • Pelle Karstensen
    Pelle Karstensen

    can we get him to 5 mil

  • Fus.1on

    Please rotate your pictures with Q

  • likeninja 27
    likeninja 27

    Fill one house with the miners

  • emil have
    emil have

    you need to fill all the houses with btc miners and then only have one house where you have your things

  • Hussein Sa'd
    Hussein Sa'd

    who else just wants to watch this out of all there notifications?

  • George Willis
    George Willis

    Very harsh on Pie he actually played well


    Petition for MiniMinter to start a gta v roleplay series 👇like so he can see

  • mayon naise
    mayon naise

    Who else wants to continue watching this series even if he becomes super rich???

  • Galactico 999
    Galactico 999

    Why are u still not buying a dog? U had told in the start

  • L B
    L B

    Show everyone’s stats at the end of each episode!

  • DM_Gaming01

    what game

  • Jordan Hutchinson
    Jordan Hutchinson

    He definitely went on ZornHub when he stoped filming, I see you Simon...

  • Skippy

    Simon you shouldn’t scratch the lottery cards everyday because it will crash the lottery website so you wont be able to scratch, it will lag the game when you get of your computer

  • Banana smoothie
    Banana smoothie

    Simon should just "start from scratch" leave everything behind and make a new setup with furniture in each house then he's pretty much completed the game, living 4 different lives.

  • Shona Hoyte-cole
    Shona Hoyte-cole

    Buy a dog lol

  • Paul Holban
    Paul Holban

    Jumpers for goalposts is the only series he did the I liked more than this

  • Abhinav deep Bhutani
    Abhinav deep Bhutani

    Simon in the title- have we been naughty?! Comments- You tell us Simon! 😉😁😂

  • Harry Davies
    Harry Davies

    you need to fill one of the houses with miners

  • LKGamer123

    Sorry to say but the series has ended now 😂

  • LKGamer123

    RIP Steamer Sim

  • Sagarock

    This series lowkey makes me wanna build a crypto farm

  • rxpidzbtw

    what game is this?

  • Daniel Louis
    Daniel Louis

    it’s kind of unfair that niko is in this, if he can get 6% of the votes for the mayor of london i’m pretty sure he can win mm7 big brother clubs

  • Aravindan r
    Aravindan r

    Put a AC in the mining room Simon

  • Boss games
    Boss games


  • Cezary Luniewski
    Cezary Luniewski

    I honestly think that theo should always play left back

  • P Sing
    P Sing

    Whys everyone gassing that fruity rainbow guy for? He's wearing a skirt he should not even be in the video.

  • Eden James
    Eden James

    Make a whole house dedicated to mining crypto


    Going to school 😭

  • Ash Mccutcheon
    Ash Mccutcheon

    When he hit the woman it felt like the scene in Shuan of the dead

  • pippidog 12
    pippidog 12

    Fill one of the houses with just miners and then stonks

  • Cannongaming

    The way he says room

  • Dave Osei
    Dave Osei

    Which game is this.


    Pie's block turned 50 yard ping should've saved him


    London's Biggest Independent Mayoral candidate playing clubs to recover his deposit funds

  • ahmad rousan
    ahmad rousan

    pov: you came to see if anybody had the members badge

  • llexxusx

    At this point simon is just stalling lmao just end the series

  • Aryaman Sharma
    Aryaman Sharma

    When you realise this series might be ending soon 😞

  • DeagleMafia

    That one guy looks like a 3th graders pencil case

  • ItsLxxpy

    This account whould be so oh🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Federico Bucher
    Federico Bucher

    You should post this series every day it’s too good

  • damerrz

    is there a way to get this in real life? i want to be earning that much money

  • Jack Restuccia
    Jack Restuccia

    So basically i'm trying to do my homework and watch a banger video at the same time. I'm on the other side of the table from my dad and I know hell get annoyed if he catches me right. So I click on this video and i forget how funny niko is and I start lmao 30 seconds in and now i'm getting shat on by my dad.

  • Armisz

    Buy some dogs

  • Kaan Aleksi Yazici
    Kaan Aleksi Yazici

    Who's watching this in 2021

  • Yonatan Sela
    Yonatan Sela

    its coming to an end... :(

  • The Vicious
    The Vicious

    Don't forget to upgrade your internet at the new house.

  • TheProMaster

    4:56 Then goes on to kill somebody XD

  • Junne

    8:42 Zorn hub! haha

  • Elmar Hjorth
    Elmar Hjorth

    W series

  • Alana

    Idk but that suit doesn't even fit nicely it's very boxy. Dude shouldn't of been so high.

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda

    Simon:**Kills a lady** “Nobody saw that” Blind people:Am I a joke to you?

  • SuSpiciousFlame

    Remember Simon said that Talia said that she could pick what dog she wanted you to have

  • albert tutte
    albert tutte

    Where have you beeeen


    This could be the final episode

  • Shaw Adams
    Shaw Adams

    Turn of the miners

  • Sheeeeeeeeesh

    I bought 2 houses Me: ooooh im gonna click on this From MM7GAMES Me: visible anger

  • Gareth Brooks
    Gareth Brooks

    get lots of tea on your desk and do a twenty four hours stream

  • olliemunch